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What Does Scotty Owe Club Cameron Members, Anyway?

After the debacle that was yesterday’s Master’s release, there is of course much wailing and gnashing of teeth going on in various corners of the internet representing all sides of the fence. Everything from “Scotty needs to release more items due to the…


2017 Hula Release

The first studio store release of the year hit this week to what felt like a mostly negative response among collectors.┬áThe main bone of contention from what I could tell had to do with the Hula Girl’s grass skirt┬ácomprised of a light green…


The Best Deal in SC Collecting

As winter fast approaches and cold air takes hold over much of the US, 2 releases that warm over Scotty Cameron collectors everywhere are fast approaching. The first is what is arguably Scotty’s most popular cover release every year – the Hula. And…



I’m not sure if that is a word or not, but if it is I think it describes my opinion of the state of Scotty Cameron collecting. Make no mistake about it – Scotty Cameron is a luxury brand and it has never…